More of me not being nice

I went to get a haircut.  Like a lot of places now, the haircuttery has free Wi-Fi for its customers.   This is for checking the news or something, not streaming your favorite Netflix show.  Don’t be the guy who is eating up all the bandwidth for the other customers who just want to check their email.

So high school jackhole has his laptop and wants to watch Netflix.  He is bitching about how slow his Internet connection is and his video is lagging.

He keeps bothering the girl behind the counter about it, all she’s there to do is welcome clients and take payment.

I had to interrupt this travesty.

Me: “What browser are you using.”

Kid: “Google chrome.”

Me: “Have you updated the oil in your search engine lately?  That can make it run slow.”

Kid: “Um… no.”

Me: “Under settings you can look up the milage on your search engine.   If it’s over 5,000 you need to update.”

Kid: “So download the oil update.”

Me: “You might be able to download it, but usually you have to get it on USB.  Make sure it’s good for right hand drive systems, that’s standard in the US.  Check”

He sits down and I get called for my haircut.  

I don’t tolerate boorish teenage stupidity well.

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