The Epitome of Hypocracy

If you have been following the news tomorrow, Saturday, November 4th, Refuse Fascism – the “official” group of Antifa – wants to kick off its revolution against the Trump administration.

They actually went as far as to put an ad in the New York Times.

Here is the text of the ad.

I had no interest in being anywhere near one of these “events,” fortunately the closest event to me is in Atlanta.

Then I saw something so mind blowing, so over-the-top Antifa that I want to see it in person.

Barneys New York is an upscale retailer in New York City.  Upscale as in Gucci t-shirts that are $950 each.

Barneys New York is selling an army surplus M-65 field jacket that comes pre-adorned with Antifa-esque, anarchist revolutionary messages.  It is cheap, at only $375.

  This is the apogee of silver spoon, trust fund,  Ivy League, champagne socialist, revolutionary.

Nothing says “down with the capitalist system” like a spending more than two days worth of working wages on a jacket decorated by children in a sweatshop in South East Asia instead of buying a $15 surplus jacket and a Sharpie and doing it yourself.

This is even more bourgeois than buying a $15 surplus jacket and a Sharpie and having your illegal immigrant maid decorate it for you.

I want to find the Antifa snowflake wearing this and fight him.

On principle.

If a bunch of Lesbian Interpretive Dance majors want to play Communist Revolutionary because they are still butthurt that Hillary lost the election, by destroying property in Hillary territory, I don’t care.  I don’t live there.

But to see someone  be so shallow in their Communist Revolutionary cosplay that they can’t be bothers to sloganeer their own jacket, which costs as much as a working man’s car payment, hits my limit of tolerance.

9 Replies to “The Epitome of Hypocracy”

  1. Meanwhile, Palmetto State Armory has those Remington polymer 9mm s for under $200 with rebate. With the extra $175 you can get a real surplus field jacket, a couple of spare mags and HST’s to go around, and have enough left over for some KFC.

  2. What pisses me off even more is the fact that the jacket’s decorations appropriated the R[LOVE]UTION meme from the Ron Paul campaign…

  3. I think the jacket is actually pretty funny. Some NYC designer is going to make a bunch of money off of left wing kids for a garment that probably cost $3 to make. The decorations are boiler plate lefty stuff, but I doubt all that much thought even went into it.

    Looks like I won’t be able to check out any of the ANTIFA rallies today, I’m not planning on setting foot in any of those urban sewers anytime soon. Good luck to the ANTIFA kids with burning down their own liberal cities.

  4. Reading the fine print, they are committed to driving the Trump/Pence regime from power with “non-violent” tactics.

    Ha, that’s funny. The Antifa are known for their Nazi Brown Shirt approach.

    If they try to riot in my little town, they will regret it.

    If they do actually adhere to their false statement for use of non-violence, they can be ignored. I don’t care if all the loser Democrats stand to gather and pout really hard, it does not change either the election results nor cause any course adjustment for the administration.

    1. They’ll never riot or cause damage in your or my small towns. What would they do, rent a bus to drive themselves out here? Hop on their Schwinns and ride out here? All of the damage and destruction these misfits will cause is going to be in their own putrid liberal cities. Which sort of makes the whole thing amusing. So they want to destroy property in NYC or Chicago or Portland? Knock yourselves out!

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