Dear Hollywood, F**k you (again)!

I was watching TV when I saw a trailer for the movie Thank You for Your Service.

Don’t bother watching it.

Oh fuck, not ANOTHER naval gazing movie about the war in Iraq.

Fantastic /sarc/!

Here is a bunch of rapists, perverts, and pedophiles, and their enablers – who ALL supported Barack Obama, who lied about what he knew about the VA, was callous to the bone about it, failed to really fix the problem, and protected rather than fire the people who were responsible for it, and was generally hated by the military – to lecture us in movie form about just how bad George W. Bush was.

Of course it has all the positive ratings by the Right Thinking People but is taking at the box office, which means all the knuckle dragging deplorables don’t want to pay their hard earned money to see it.

So on behalf of Middle America, Hollywood, you can all go fuck yourselves with an HIV infected dick.  Which is, disappointingly, the ONLY thing I haven’t heard was done by Tinsel Town’s cadre of sex offenders.

(Yeah, I’m feeling bitter, so what)

One Reply to “Dear Hollywood, F**k you (again)!”

  1. You know it occurred to me that we havent heard a lot about rape culture lately and the it occurred to me that recently we’ve seen an actual rape culture exposed that was protected by some of the same people screaming anout rape culture to begin with…

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