Best Tech of the 24th Century

I think I have discovered the most advanced and yet under appreciated technology in the universe of Star Trek.


Or more accurately, the lack of them.

In several episodes, I have noticed that most of the women in the Federation to not wear bras when out of uniform or in civilian clothes if they are not Federation officers.  This applies even to some of the older women on the show, such as Jenice Manheim (Jean Luc’s old flame) in the episode We’ll Always Have Paris.

Now I can’t imagine that after hundred of years (thousands really) women would give up support undergarments in regular wear.  Especially given the variations in gravity that different planets would naturally have.

I have come to only one conclusion.  

By the 24th century, brasserie technology has advanced well beyond underwire and breathable fabrics.

I suspect some sort of modulated force field emanating from a small wearable device.  A gravitational force reducing, mammary anti-vibration/anti-oscillation device.  Capable of providing adequate support and comfort regardless of the local planet’s gravitational pull or rate of starship/shuttlecraft acceleration.

A truly masterful piece of technology, but nobody talks about it.

At least that’s my theory.  Further study is warranted.

4 Replies to “Best Tech of the 24th Century”

  1. Well, the Betazoid Wonder Puppy’s uniforms seem to be specifically cut to show off her cameltoe so maybe it’s just a fashion thing.

  2. NOW you tell me!
    All this time I’ve been ignoring Star Trek (except to dump on its stupid storylines), and now I get this great news. Which iteration of Star Trek is this? I think further research may be required.

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