Compare and contrast NYC and Sutherland

In New York City, Uzbek Muslim Sayfullo Saipov, drove a rental truck on a bike path in Manhattan, killing 8 and wounding 11.  He had pledged allegiance to ISIS and witnesses reported when he got out of the truck he was yelling “Allahu Akbar.”

Faced with this news, CNN’s Jake Tapper went on the air to say that “Allahu Akbar” is often said under the most beautiful of circumstances.

The New York Time went to print saying that “Allahu Akbar” is innocent and is “somehow” associated with terrorism.

Professional victim and piece of shit Linda Sarsour also went to deflect from the Islamic terrorism issue of the attack.

After the Sutherland Springs Shooting, in which 26 people were killed and 20 more injured, the reaction was… different.

In fact, there is a whole #FuckYourPrayers hashtag for Twitter for piles of shit bound up in human skin to unleash their hate on people who had thoughts and prayers to offer for the victims in Southerland Springs.

So let me see if I get this right?

A radical Muslim kills 8 people in a act of faith and the Left bends over backwards to defend that faith.

A radical “creepy” atheist kills 26 in a church, and the same people shit all over the faith of the victims.


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  1. It goes deeper than politics. Christianity (and Judaism) is the religion of the One True God, and they both do what no other religion does: directly confront Man’s sinful heart. That is why you see the hateful reactions to Christians, and why today’s Pharisees (our so, so, illustrious “leaders”) wish to keep us disarmed. But Islam abets Man’s evil by encouraging men to kill in the name of Allah, who is the devil in disguise. And so Hollyweird and the government despise Christians, and kiss Islam ass.

  2. The glee and giddiness with which is the left is celebrating this killing with it’s assault on anyone of faith is beyond repugnant. When you see them using their #fuckyourprayers hashtag and railing against Christianity, all the while defending Islamic terrorism, understand that the supposed sympathy they have for the victims is feigned. They are focused on their hatred for the “bitter clingers” of America, as those are the people that gave them Trump. Some of the liberals have actually dropped all pretenses of caring about victims and have claimed the people in Vegas and now in Texas deserved it.

    There isn’t ever going to be a reconciliation with these people. They hate us with a white hot passion, and they want nothing more than for us to be disarmed and defenseless.

  3. Interesting, receiving a lecture on Faith, from the faithless. I’m pretty sure that The Architect of All is not likely to attend to “marching orders” from the likes of a diarrhea sample like Wil Wheaton or his soul (heh) mates. . My take is that He will do what He thinks is for the best, whether intellectual midgets like Wheaton comprehend it (or if I do, for that matter), or not.

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