The Revolution ended up calling the Government for “help.”

Last Saturday was the alleged Antifa Revolution, the beginning of the movement to depose Trump and I guess sit whatever revolutionary leader they like this week in the White House.

It kinda failed miserably in case you were wondering. The joke around was that the collective mothers did not allow the kids to go out and play Revolutionaries because the chores were not done and they had promised to clean the basement.

Some mischievous souls decided to troll Antifa and posted stuff like this:


Man! The Snowflakes lost their minds!

So they swatted the guy, but apparently the outcome was not the one they Little Boys in Black were expecting:


And, of course stuff needs to be investigated:

I still do not get that the “Shadow Army” that is going to bring down the government of the United States cannot see a photo online without shitting in their diapers and calling 911.
Kinda contradictory, tight?


PS: No cops or FBI came to see me. Damn it!
PS2: goes without saying, follow @Tactical_Review in Twitter. He tends to have a good selection of Gun Porn

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