Oh FFS USA Today

USA Today Tweeted a video about the Southland Springs shooter’s rifle.

Holy shit!  This is the worst gun related thing I’ve ever seen.

Are Masterkey systems really that common?  Those are NFA items.  Even if the Air Force failed to report his assault conviction to NICS, the ATF would still have caught that during his NFA paperwork.


Magpul furniture, for that extra plastic deadliness…

And it just gets worse from there.

Believe me, right now I have a good idea what is going to the minds of the people who work at the Strum, Ruger, & Co.

For a lot of them right now, it is




4 Replies to “Oh FFS USA Today”

  1. Actually chainsaw bayonets are a real thing.
    I saw one that was turn into a meme. They put a picture of coughing Hillary Clinton on the end and called the “Hillary Clinton cough suppressor”

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