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  1. I quit smoking 4 days before my mom died. So I’ve been smoke free for a little over a month. That’s after 36 or so years for me as well.

    1. If it gets hard and relapse, I encourage you to get Chantix. I tried everything else and failed miserably whenever I got to under half a pack a day. I literally had the shakes like a junkie and nothing would stop it but nicotine.
      With Chantix (and the long term approach) I was down to one cigarette a day and on Nov 8 I asked myself what I was even bothering, so I just threw it away.

      The only “issue” I had was what I call the Inertial Smoke: The one you had because it was what you did not what you needed it: Finished with a hands-on task and sat down to relax, waiting inn traffic, etc. But it was very easy to dismiss them.

      1. Your ‘Inertial Smoke’ sounds the same as what I’ve been calling the hand to mouth habit. It is an annoying muscle memory.
        To be honest though, I really haven’t wanted a smoke after watching mom gasping for air at the end. That’s one hell of a motivator right there.

  2. Congratulations, all of you. I haven’t been there, but I’ve seen others struggle; I know it is hard. Best of luck sticking with your decision.

  3. I haven’t touched a cigarette since 2010. The first couple of years had their rough spots but it does get easier as more time goes by. Once in a while I’ll smell second hand smoke and think “man, that smells great” but I won’t let myself act on it. I’d be too mad at myself.

  4. This video is amazing. When they said “Nobody care about Kentucky and Indiana” that summed up the entire progressive attitude in 2016 and explained the election results. In literature we call that “foreshadowing.”

  5. That was worth every minute of listening to these wankers whine and melt down. Much obliged!

    As to kicking your smoking habit, congratulations and good luck on keeping off the cancer sticks. I’ve got a few relatives that have kicked it, they struggle with it just the same, but one of them just said a few days ago that it was a different experience when they could smell things they haven’t been able to for a while.

  6. This guy is “going to war” against the DNC on election night. One year later, Tom Perez is in charge, still defending Hillary Clinton and won’t talk about corruption in the party! Still stuck with losers.

    Meanwhile, a “buffoon” and incompetent businessman ran a campaign that defeated the smartest woman in the world.

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