10 Replies to “American Communism and its stupidity, summarized in one photo”

  1. These idiot’s conception of communism has to be out of some comic book, or comic book that masquerades as a text book with a dopehead of a professor reading out of it.
    Of course, they’ve never been to China and are much too young to have ever been to Russia or the eastern block countries in Europe, when the commies were in power.

    1. You’re exactly right. They don’t know what Communism is like in practice. They only know what some insane college professor has taught them. They are told that Communist despots did everything they did for the greater good, and that Communism can work, if only THIS time it’s done correctly. Meanwhile they live comfortably and without danger in developed, bountiful, Capitalist nations. The ignorance is sickening.

  2. Communism created a society where food was so scarce that tens of millions of people died of starvation.
    American capitalism created a society where food is so plentiful and cheap that poor people are overwhelmingly obese.

  3. Yeah, this looks like it might be Portuguese. I would change the title to “Western communism” instead of “American communism”.

    Or simply find some American antifa dope eating a burger with a che shirt on.

  4. When I was young, to be most charitable, I was more retarded than I am now. I would wear a communist shirt like that, not because I have ever believed in communism, but because I enjoyed being provocative, edgy, and the limitless ironic statements it could generate.

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