Campus Safety

Watch this video taken from an open forum at The Evergreen State College.

This was a open forum at a public college.  It was being live streamed on Facebook.  There was no expectation of privacy at this meeting at all.

To listen to these students, one could get the impression that the most liberal college campus in America is run by the Klan and staffed by Neo-Nazis.

One student of preferred victim status (Muslim) called out another student for an un-provable thought crime (Islamophobia) and for recording an open event at a public college.

One of the core issues discussed at this forum was the perceived abuse at the hands of Evergreen State College police.

This group decided to engage in “community policing” which – as it became evident – is newspeak for “Snowflake lynch mob.”

No wonder they do not want police on campus, the presence of law enforcement would make it more difficult to engage in mob justice.

What is being witnessed here is the worst combination of a witch hunt and Maoist show trial.



2 Replies to “Campus Safety”

  1. First off, I would NEVER go to that wasteland joke of a college (I think it should be razed and the earth salted).

    Second, I would carry and if attacked I would be forced to respond. They bring a bat; I bring a .45 and guess who wins.

    A classic example of “Play stupid games and win stupid prizes” award.

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