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My wife raged at me (just venting, not mad at me) about a man in California that poured boiling water on his girlfriend’s dog while it was in its crate.

She made a point which I agree with her on.

Devin Kelley, the Sutherland Springs shooter, apparently had a history of animal abuse as well as domestic abuse.  He bought dogs on Craigslist just to kill.

Animal abuse has long be recognized as a predictor for violence against people.

I would completely support a Lautenberg Amendment type law that made misdemeanor animal abuse a prohibited possessor.

It would need to be worded carefully to prevent regular acts like hunting and fishing, non blood sports with animals like bull riding or calf roping, scientific/medical research involving animals, or animal husbandry acts like gelding from being included.

Deliberately abusing an animal or animal blood sports (dog fighting, cock fighting, etc), should however disqualify a person from owning guns.

Anybody who buys dogs to torture should be banned from possessing firearms before they graduate to killing people.

Feel free to disagree with me, but it’s how I feel.

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  1. You’re not wrong, BUT no matter how ironclad you think it’s written some dishonest pos is going to warp and twist it to fit their end goals. For a quick and easy example, just reflect on Obama’s executive order that redefined what adjudicated meant.

  2. I really hate people that abuse animal but what also bugs me to death about this story, is the lady blocked him on facebook instead of reporting him. Doing what he was doing is illegal in New Mexico. Perhaps 26 people would still be alive if that lady got off her ass and went and talked with the cops.

  3. No. I’m not against your goal, but if you want to achieve that goal make pouring boiling water on a dog a FELONY, make the person charged with the crime be subject to all the due process for a FELONY, and if convicted I have no qualms whatever about them losing their civil rights. Frankly, it’s rather astonishing to me that pouring boiling water on a dog isn’t ALREADY a felony. But if an American citizen is going to be stripped of their civil rights, it ought to take a felony. The Lautenberg amendment is a travesty of injustice. I know people who have lost their gun rights because they tossed a single-page credit card bill at their wife.

    1. I was going to suggest that if it is a capital crime, the convicted criminal is unlikely to commit further crimes against people or animals.

      I would like to see a lot more violent crimes with the possibility of the death penalty, but right now, I’d settle for the existing capital sentences being carried out in a timely manner.

  4. Funny thing is the way laws are… I know 2 people who are felons, 1 got convicted of driving with out a license 3 times and the other for operating an unregistered ATV 3 times. I agree with you Sir.

  5. This is a great idea, but sadly, we could never have a law like this because of what anti-gun liberals will do with it. Every law, no matter how noble it’s writers, winds up being perverted by the anti’s into something it was never meant to be. Basically, they ruin everything.

  6. I agree with your premise, anyone that abuses an animal should be prohibited, and lean farther toward it being a felony as LOSD writes, but I have misgivings. The first is that it seems not matter how it’s written, the writers will build in tons of loopholes and even more unintended consequences. It’s just rife with the potential abuses for agriculture (“You murdered that cow with a bolt through its brain! Felon!”) and PETA types (who already say “a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy”) and so on. Another misgiving is a discomfort I get from reading curby. Someone becomes a felon for driving without a license? It just seems like sentence inflation.

    The big misgiving is that the A-hole already was prohibited for a couple of reasons and that didn’t stop him. It’s another example of “let’s make it more illegaler and that will stop the crime”. It’s like “let’s outlaw mass murder”.

  7. Tough one. I love my dog as part of our family and would be unkind to say the least to anyone that hurt her. Bit ultimately animals are property and how you treat your property is your business. Serious cases like guy torturing and killing animals is different than guy punching cow in head because it is being an asshole while in the pen with it. I’m worried about cases like the later being caught under the net meant for the former.

    1. Did you not read my post?

      Let me make this clear. Where I was growing up in Miami, when you saw a pit bull on a leash it was snarling, animal, an actual fighting dog, being led around by a guy – usually with gang tattoos – to intimidate people.

      The dog was a weapon and it was being brandished.

      1. Yes I did. Just because it is “worded carefully to preclude animal husbandry acts, etc” (paraphrased) does not make me any the less wary that any proposed law wouldn’t be used as unintended. We can’t even get an unequivocal interpretation of 27 seemingly obvious words. Why would anything else me any different. My only trust in the government is that it will fail to follow its own laws and/or rules when it suits it.

        I’m not really sure what the pit bull thing has to do with this, perhaps this comment was intended on another of the more recent dog posts?

        FWIW I too have looked down a snarling growling pit bull while two grown men restrained it because I was simply walking by…

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