Race baiter in a Gun Shop.

One of the latest things in Youtube and other video places is posting of alleged racist behavior by White People (other races may be included.) By sheer coincidence, we never see what was the triggering incident  but just the aftermath with the camera person dropping the race card left and right. From McDonalds (because maybe the fries were not piping hot) to Airport lounges, the video droppings of race Cards are everywhere probably with the intention of making political and racial hay.

Of course, some idiot had to try the same at a gun shop.

In case you want to try something similar, allow me to warn you to the following: When it comes to guns, even the feds will support a gun shop NOT selling you a gun.  You come in a gun shop with a stupid attitude, you will be refused service. They are not selling hair extensions or pickles. They take their shit seriously.

I do wonder if what happen at the end. Did Race Baiter stay till the cops arrived and logged a complain for discrimination or left before he got his ass dragged to jail?

That is another thing, we never see the outcome. I wonder why.

PS: And I am sure there was an employee with a rifle or shotgun at the ready keeping an eye on the dumb-ass just in case and wondering if there would be intensive floor moping of bodily fluids after.

9 Replies to “Race baiter in a Gun Shop.”

  1. And reasonable person understands that you can buy a firearm online, which will be sent to a licensed dealer in your state, where you can submit the appropriate application for receiving that firearm if….you receive federal authorization once paperwork is submitted and you pass a background check. So..why the video? Why it’s very clear, this guy wanted revenge because……he’s a racist who believes all white people who disagree with him and his conduct do so because he’s black.


  2. Read the comments on the youtube video. No links to the video maker’s facebook, but supposedly the guy admits there that he buys them then resells them to friends and family that can’t pass background checks. Sounds like the FFL was 100% in the right for giving him the reason “I think you’ll sell the gun to someone else.”


  3. Hopkin’s is local to me. They have among the lowest prices when using Davidson’s Gun Genie. I may now have to throw more business their way.


  4. Every business wants one color for their store, Green!!. No doubt the owner had a reason not to sell to that customer. No owner would eliminate an entire percentage of a potential customer base from their business. Something prompted his response.



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