6 Replies to “Antifa goes to the Gun Store…”

  1. If that whatever is the average measure of what we need to “dealt with” in the future, it will be over almost before it starts. The old ‘Whiff of Grape’ won’t even be necessary.

    Yes, I know there are the ‘real-deal’ antifagoons running around out there, but they’e a minority and I did write a-v-e-r-a-g-e.

  2. That swollen, androgynous Communist is less a snowflake and more of a snowball. A Gadsden flag equates to Nazism to “people” like that? Hard to imagine someone could be more ignorant. And it identifies as male, but it’s got at least a C cup. Forgive the ad hominem, but it deserves it. I award it bonus pinko points for the blasphemy.

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