Groundhog Election Day

The 2017 Alabana Senate election between Doug Jones and Roy Moore feels like the 2016 a presidential election all over again.

I have to choose between a “give everything to everyone but the people who pay a shit load of taxes” Democrat and a crazy, sex offending Republican.

Why oh why Lord are you doing this to me again?

Is this punishment for not participating in last year’s horns of a dilemma?

The election is a month away. 

Can you please send me a sign of who I should vote for?

You could smite the unworthy one, which probably means both (which by the way is alright with me). 

This is intolerable.

14 Replies to “Groundhog Election Day”

  1. So you believe the WaPo? I mean it could be true but the WaPo are known for pushing the Dem agenda at the expense of truth and journalistic integrity.

  2. Funny how it never came up until after the point where his name can’t be removed from the ballot.

    I mean it’s not like he hasn’t been around Alabama politics for 15+ years

  3. You might consider that Herman Cain was taked out of a race by (false) accusations from several women who, coincidentally, lived in David Axelrod’s building, and needed money. They had previously tried sexual allegations about Clarence Thomas. They tried to derail Trump over some uncouth language, with no indication of actual non-consensual behavior. And, in the current case, the woman’s mother has already proved her daughter’s memory faulty.

    First, I’m more than a bit skeptical about the story. Second, I’ll consider believing that the dumbocrats are serious when I hear honest conversation about Senator Menendez, former senator Kennedy, and former president Clinton.

  4. I’m not much into making new laws, but requiring all potential candidates to undergo a full background check which would be released publicly would be a good thing.

  5. Odd that you’d suggest that, knowing how useful background checks actually are…

    Yes, background makes a difference, but, these days, intestinal fortitude is at least as important. When people point out that Trump can be uncouth and boorish, I like to quote Lincoln, when the same was said about Grant: “He fights.” It’s about f-ing time.

    1. I’d like to see a certain tool removed from the hands of the media- the October Surprise. Notice that most of the really damaging stuff comes out after it’s too late to change candidates.

  6. Questions?

    Do any of the accusers actually allege forced non consensual sex acts? Actual Intercourse or fellatio?
    Everything I heard was kissing and petting activities, and they stopped when the female said No.

    Any recent accusations? If he is a pedophile, hebephile, pervert whatever, why hasn’t he continued this behavior? Real perverts do not stop, just ask Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein, and Roman Polansky. V

    I am not worried about future sex crimes or misbehavior by a Senator Moore. He won’t be flying down to Pedophile Island with Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, or banging underage Dominican prostitutes with Senator Menendez and Melgen for favors on multimillion Medicare disputes.

    Moore might even represent the people that elect him?

  7. What are the odds????

    A Republican, gasp, the horrors, a Republican that does not fall into the category of a “moderate” had a chance to win an election. Quick, accuse them of being a pervert, child molester, or puppy abuser. Heck, the guy probably washes his cast iron pans with soap for crissakes.

    Seriously J,KB, do you really believe any of these accusations are true?

    Remember all the women that accused Trump of molesting them, and they promised to file lawsuits or charges. What happened to them? Where did the accusations go? Oh, that’s right, they were bogus.

    Is Roy Moore a pedophile? I do not know, and until there is something that resembles actual proof, I am going with “innocent until proven otherwise.”

    And, you should too.

  8. I keep thinking of the 2016 election bumper stickers “Cthulhu for President, why vote for a lesser evil”
    Also it has occurred to me that Hollywood and MSM types see rapists and molesters at every turn because in their bubble world every male with an iota of power is a sexual predator.

  9. Oy! Now Gloria Allred is involved. That translates to “it’s almost certainly a trumped-up charge to inconvenience a political opponent.” (and, yes, “trumped up” was a deliberate turn of phrase.)

  10. Joe, the problem with pushing for background checks is that, to the extent they work at all, they are only likely to turn up bad stuff that is true.
    That won’t help eliminate the “October surprise” because people can still make stuff up. And in this case, it is plausible that we’re dealing with fiction. The timing is very suspicious, carefully optimized to cause maximal disruption. And the uproar that was created when someone reported the connection between the accuser and the Clinton campaign is another consideration.
    Yesterday on the local news, in a report about allegations of improper activities in a local college, one of the comments made was that the schools needed to take strong action against those ACCUSED of inappropriate acts. Note “accused”, not “convicted” or “proven to have committed”. The goal here is to have a mere accusation be enough to destroy the person accused.
    If this sort of technique is permitted to stand, the result will be a new nuclear option in the arsenal of the totalitarian left: just accuse every non-leftist of sexual misconduct, truth irrelevant, and kick them out of contention.

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