Hugs and Guns

My wife is preparing for impending new baby by reading mommy blogs.

Of course she gets to La Leche League or as I call them “tit Nazis.”  They are the “if you don’t breast feed you are a horrible mom who is poisoning your child and will turn them into a serial killer because they won’t feel loved” cult

So my wife finds a rebuttal to the tit Nazis in the form of an Adam Ruins Everything video.

I watched it.  I am fast forwarding to the relevant part.


Nuerochemically, giving a hug and shooting a gun do the same thing.

Taking my children to the range with a 1911 and a case of 45 is tantamount to breast feeding them.

No wonder I have so many good memories of going shooting with my dad.

Take that you “guns are bad” milquetoast pantywaists, I am having the ultimate in bonding experiences with my children.

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