What were you expecting?

It seems there are grumbles within the Republican party about their chances to keep the Senate and/or The House a year from now.  All of the sudden they figured out they are not as strong as they were and seem to be lost as the why.

I can tell you without breaking a sweat: You are behaving like Democrats.

Why should we vote for Democrats just because you happen to dress with the “Republican” tag? I don’t vote for the readily identified ones, sure as hell ain’t going to vote for you.

And I think some states like Florida are gonna go full Blue at State level if Gun Owners are not taken care of. I am not the only one who plans not to vote Republican across the board, even if his State Rep had nothing to do with Gun Bills. It is a slap across the general ass of the Florida GOP to see if they get their shit in gear… but they won’t.

150,000 Puerto Ricans escaping from the island are now living in Florida and they will vote for whomever gives them the most free shit. There is the weak hope that they do not like the Sunshine State because they will clash with the Cuban and Haitian populations and possibly move to NewYorico. Then again, maybe not.

I kinda figure the next 20 years in Florida will be solidly Blue. with all the shit that comes with it. Miami Dade will be the Chicago of the South.

And no, I won’t be here.

9 Replies to “What were you expecting?”

  1. Thats the sad thing, its like the Rs will give the Ds back the whole thing.
    If that happens you will see Trump impeached and a whole bunch of our freedoms dissapear… we need to not let it happen.

  2. The Republican party. Ready to grasp defeat out of the jaws of victory. They really don’t grasp the only reason they won the last election was because the guy who did, didn’t listen to them.

  3. You can’t punish republicans by electing democrats. The dems wil not thank you for it. Instead , work at the state level to fix the parts that are broken, including fresh blood.

    1. I am not voting for Democrats, just not voting for Republicans acting like Democrats.
      If I am gonna get fucked by a politician, I am not gonna thank him with my vote. The best punishment is to send him/her to civilian life.

  4. Republicans always seem to act like they are in the minority, even when they aren’t. They also act like they don’t really believe the things they say — which in many cases is likely to be true.
    Being in the minority (so long as you can manage to get re-elected) has the wonderful advantage that you are paid lots of money and don’t need to do any work.

    1. A friend had a dog- a large Bernard/Shepherd mix.
      When that dog was a wee pup, the neighbor’s old tomcat would tear the crap out of it every chance it had.
      When that dog grew up, it was frightened by that cat, and would not fight it. In his mind, that cat was the size of a tiger.

      The Republicans are pretty much that. To the GOPe, the MSM is still the massive tiger they remember from years ago.

  5. The GOP will ultimately fail for the reasons listed above. That’s going to put this country in a very bad place. We’ll have extremely angry, unhinged Democrats who are even more swept up in putrid identity politics exacting revenge against the deplorable masses who put Trump where he is. Imagine if they manage to impeach Trump – something completely preventable if only the GOP hadn’t acted like RINO’s. The anger on both sides of the aisle is going to get much worse, and that does not bode well for a peaceful future for our already deteriorating country.

  6. Florida is a goner, between all the transplants from the liberal north east and now PR, there is no hope. Miami is already a bastion of liberalism.

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