A job for the Three Amigos!

In Berlin, there is the Goerlitzer Park.  In the park there is a zoo.  In the zoo there is a pony.  In the pony is a Syrian man’s penis.

A man of Syrian origin was observed at Goerlitzer Park, by a woman and small child, sexually abusing a pony.  The woman, who was the child’s babysitter, photographed the man so that he could be arrested.

Germany has some worst rates of sexual assault in Europe, entirely due to the massive influx of Islamic world migrants.  It’s not just rape, but violence against women and children is skyrocketing too.

Apparently when all the women and children have been raped, migrants turn to the livestock.

I swear, this is the first thing that came to my mind when I read this story.

It shouldn’t be funny, but what is going on in Europe is so ridiculous it’s nearly become a parody.

If only this were a job that could be taken care of by the Three Amigos.

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