Post MLK Society

The New York Times published an OpEd by Professor Ekow Yankah titled Can My Children Be Friends With White People?

The short answer to his question is: not according to him.

The longer answer is: not according to him because of Trump.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Yankah and tried to get him to admit what he was doing was racist (it is) but Yankah refused to back down.

GQ named Colin Kaepernick “Citizen of the Year” for… destroying the popularity of the NFL, insulting the flag, being a whiny, entitled, schmuck?

Racist activist Tariq Nasheed responded in this racist way.  If you disagree with GQ, you must be a white supremacist.

One of the ideas after the election of Barack Obama was that America was a post-racial society.  Race no longer mattered for qualification or advancement.

Racist activist Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote an OpEd to remind up that we are not.

I think the era we are living in should be called a “post-MLK society.”

What I was taught in school was that the dream of racial equality is best described by MLK in his “Dream” speech with the line “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

For all intents and purposes, legally that is the world we live in.  Discrimination is illegal.  Jim Crow is over.

There is still the effect of long term discriminatory practices, but as a society, the majority of people are trying to work through that.

Unfortunately there is little power to be gained from equality.  It is easier to rally people against an enemy.  This is the post-MLK society.

It is staunchly, Left Wing Democrat Baltimore where “Nine out of ten black boys in Baltimore City are not reading at grade level” and 13 schools have zero proficiency in math.  But somehow that is Trump’s fault.

The power lies not in equality but in vengeance.  It wasn’t enough for the bourgeoisie to depose the king, the Royalty had to be beheaded.  Same for the bolsheviks killing the Russian nobility.

People like Yankah, Coates, and Nasheed, as well as BLM and other groups have found there is power and prestige in revenge.

Why be equal when you can collect scalps?

Why is it any surprise that the same magazine that published an article saying that after the election of Donald Trump there were no good white people left in America would honor a multi millionaire who is a victim of his own lack of tact and grievance mongering.

No stable nation can be built upon revenge.  Just look at the tribal warfare of Eastern Europe that gave us the word balkanization.

It is possible to achieve equality without vengeance, but as long as some voiced are able to gain wealth and fame by doing that, I feel we’re going to be screwed as a nation.

6 Replies to “Post MLK Society”

  1. SJW’s always lie- even when identifying their goals or enemies.
    In this case, the identification of smaller and smaller aggression, the beautification of dead thugs, and the Trump hate serve two purposes:

    -Keeping the Civil Rights Industry relevant (and to keep raking in the cash).

    -Distracting attention from the fact that the Democratic Party has seriously failed the very minorities it proposes to help.

  2. You cant talk to close minded bigots. I am sick and tired of the race card being shoved in my face. Funny how EVERYTHING they say and do is what they accuse white people of saying and doing. I love multi millionaires crying about equality. Seems the sjw dont want harmony, THEY keep the race fight going.

    1. Well, yes, of course they want to keep it going. That’s how they make their money. Look at Al Sharpton, a worthless huckster who used it to become a millionaire.

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