Tampa has a Serial Killer problem. Did you know that?


TAMPA — A 60-year-old man was shot and killed before dawn Tuesday morning in Seminole Heights, the fourth victim in a series of killings in the neighborhood that started last month, Tampa police said.

The victim was identified as Ronald Felton, 60, of Tampa, an unemployed construction worker who volunteered several times a week at a food bank near the shooting scene…

…Investigators believe the shooting is connected to the three previous slayings in Southeast Seminole Heights…

Source: Police say shooting death of Tampa man, 60, is likely fourth in Seminole Heights killings

They even have video of the suspect.

So how come we have not heard this in the National news? The three major TV News networks plus CNN should have remote truck parked 24-7 in a hotel somewhat nearby where the killings are occurring, how come they don’t?

Police described the suspect in a news release as a black male, 6-foot to 6-foot-2, with a thin build and light complexion and armed with a large black pistol. He was last seen wearing all black clothing. At the news conference, police said he was wearing a baseball cap.

OK, I got it now. Never mind… the killings may continue to go unreported outside the State of Florida.

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  1. How about the recent article in the Dallas Morning News about a convenience store robbery? I wish I could find it again, but from my notes at the time, here is the gist of the report:

    Dallas police were searching for two men, each wearing a light colored t-shirt underneath a partially open dark jacket, one suspect more than 6-2 another much shorter,, ages 25-30, wearing blue trousers and one with a Texas Rangers baseball hat, possibly driving a silver Honda Accord with damaged left front fender and white paint scratches., etc,etc.

    Meticulous detail offered about the suspects except for hair color and skin color. Perhaps they were redheads named Olafsen.. On the other hand, that surely would have been published.



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