When you support a Dictator instead of a President…

So this made the news:

If you go over The Guardian Facebook page, you will see all sort of Brits gleefully in favor of the execution of our President by a foreign government. Nothing surprising there, but since they are on their way to get “shari-ed” up the ass in the Caliphate of Al-Anglia, I don’t care much.

However, here are home:

Yup, those are our fellow citizens siding with a communist leader who is starving people to death, has a vast network of concentration camps where whole families are dying slowly and he is playing with nuclear shit to see what he can kill.

Apparently Trump is worse and needs to be eliminated according to these idiots. Now imagine the contempt and wishes they may have for us, the common folk.

Tree of Liberty and all that.

6 Replies to “When you support a Dictator instead of a President…”

  1. “ResistanceRandi” It’s amazing how many left wing nutjobs out there have opted to incorporate political hate into every facet of their identity. This particular snowflake feels the need to incorporate her resistance to the Trump admin right into her profile name. It’s like these people think that hashtags and impotent rage on social media are effective, like if they hate just enough online that it will somehow translate into real world results.

    1. I suspect that of those who make “resistance” and “revolution” an integral part of their identity, very few actually own guns, and fewer know how to shoot them.

  2. Guess what happens to (former) Great Britain when the muslims seize power?

    We nuke them pre-emptively to prevent their use of the British nuclear assets.

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