Enjoying my cup of Schadenfreude.

Can’t do much but I am grinning my butt off watching all those idiots who said were morally superior to us, being eaten by their own.

She was asleep.


I am gonna need to order anther box of Schadenfreude.

Never forget that even Robespierre, hero of the French Revolution, ended up having his neck rearranged via guillotine by the hands of his own comrades.

Those who forget history…

5 Replies to “Enjoying my cup of Schadenfreude.”

  1. Regarding Bill- he knew that if he resigned, it was pretty much 100% odds that Algore would have won in 2000, which means that Hillary would probably have to wait until 2012 to run and actually have a chance.
    Better to hold onto office, do as little as possible in 2000, and have Hillary run and win in 2008.
    Now, they could have tried to stick Hillary on the ticket as Veep, but that stinks too much of naked nepotism. Better to snag her a safe Senate seat in order to “start her own career”.
    A good plan, and one that failed because of the very fact that Hillary is Hillary.

  2. No biggie for Franken, he just needs to deny and delay and wait untill people are distracted by some thing else by next election. It’s not like they found a women drowned in his car, wait…

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