Dear HBO: Layers and Layers of Editorial Oversight

All those creative minds you have in your payroll using all those fancy computers connected to the internet at the best speed money can buy…

… and none of them decided to check the spelling of the words on the screen and capture a brutal misspelling in the Spanish commercial you guys are running in cable right now?

It is DESCUBRIR (To discover for those Spanish Impaired)

What really scares me is that more than likely, the one who made the mistake is a Latino.

2 Replies to “Dear HBO: Layers and Layers of Editorial Oversight”

  1. Why would you expect Spanish-speaking millennials to spell any better than English-speaking ones? A lot of today’s adults can’t spell for beans even with a spell checker.
    Come to think of it, I suspect the best way to get good spelling is to hire people for whom the language in question is a second language.

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