Senate Solutions

I was traveling on business and fell out of the loop.

I resurface to find out the Senator Al Franken (POS – MN) has been accused of sexual harassment, groping, etc.

From this, I have come to the conclusion that Roy Moore should be elected to the Senate.  His indiscretions ARE his qualifications for office.

Moore deserves to be in the Senate.  Then the entire Senate deserves to be pushed into the Potomac in January.

2 Replies to “Senate Solutions”

  1. You know, all these revelations have brought me to the conclusion that the feminist do have somewhat of a point about “rape culture” and ect.
    Most of the ladies on the Left only know these creeps who play plenty of lip service to feministical ideals on the outside, and play grabbies when alone.

    Thus, they come to the conclusion that if those men who are devoted to feminism are harassers, then those men not devoted to the ideas are likely even worse.

  2. One big distinction. The evidence against Moore is a badly photocopied yearbook signature of dubious origins and suspected forgery. The evidence against Franken is a picture of his hands all over a sleeping woman’s chest.

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