3 Replies to “Church believes in Thy Rod and Thy Staff to protect The Flock”

  1. A church here in upstate New York made the news recently with their signage out front warning that they aren’t a gun free zone. Surprisingly, New York State hasn’t outlawed the carrying of guns in churches.

    Give it time. True to form as the enemies of religion and life in general, NYC liberals will move to enact legislation to outlaw this. Can’t have us bumpkins up here in flyover country protecting ourselves!

  2. The Blaze had an article about this, which (somewhat surprisingly for that outlet) contained this very misleading translation of a well known Bible text: “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword”.
    I happen to know that one well, having studied it in depth recently. That translation is far off base. I don’t know if it was invented by the writer or merely a misleading translation from some published version. But the more accurate rendering is “…all who live by the sword”. That suggests in English what the original Greek makes explicit by its grammar: it refers to people who use a sword all the time. Swordsmen, not those who own a sword for self defense. In modern terminology, that verse is talking about gangbangers, not about honest citizens.

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