Muskets and pipe bombs

Sorry for the long delay, I was out getting continuously educated to maintain my PE.  Blogging from a hotel room in between symposiums wan’t nearly as easy as I thought it would be.

I was catching up on the news from last week when I caught a clip of Tucker Carlson taking an anti-gunner and New York City council member for knowing nothing about guns.  It’s funny to watch.

The guy keeps saying “fifty caliber” like that means something horrible.

Obviously he’s thinking this:

Because as we all know, all “fifty caliber” guns are the same.

I could make fun of this guy some more but what I want to touch on is the gun he’s piddling in his Jockey shorts over, the SilencerCo Maxim 50.

Because it is a muzzleloader with a permanently affixed suppressor it is not an NFA device.   Yes it’s a loophole gun.

You will never see me shoot one of these.

I don’t know what type of R&D SilenecerCo did on this but I have my misgivings about the design.

Do you have any idea just how much unburned black powder comes out of the end of a muzzleloader?  A lot.  Like, shooting a muzzle loader in doors causes a fire hazard lot.

And what does a suppressor do?  Capture the expanding gases that come of out of the muzzle in the baffles.

Trapping unburned powder in the baffles seems like a bad idea to me.  Several shots worth of unburned powder in the baffle stack igniting all at once, and BOOM!

I’ve seen similar in real life.

AAC makes a product called the BlastOut.  It fits over a muzzle break or flash hider for use in indoor ranges to direct the blast forward to ease the overpressure on the shooter.  SureFire makes something similar.

It is a g-d damned loudener.  For real.

Yes, the the Simpsons did it too.

It traps the unburned powder coming out of an AR (yes it happened, especially with shorter barrels) and re-ignites it in the muzzle device.

You can see in this video review the fireball coming out of the end of the gun.

To me, the Maxim 50 is just a time-delay pipe bomb on the end of of a rifle.

I’m not saying they should ban it.  Just that you won’t catch me anywhere near it.

4 Replies to “Muskets and pipe bombs”

  1. I would think that the suppressor would keep things warm enough to burn off the left over powder with every shot. Most of the heat from the shot is trapped and confined, keeping temperatures much higher than would be possible if the gasses were just escaping into the open air. You do need suppressor designed to take that kind of heat, which is one of the reasons not every suppressor is rated for shorter barrels, but this would probably be a primary design concern for a black powder suppressor. SilencerCo would hopefully be aware of this and everything is accounted for and safe.

  2. Also, I think that most of the users are probably going to use something like the pryodex pellets. So not a lot of loose powder with something like that.

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