6 Replies to “They are called the LAWS of physics, not the Suggestions of Physics.”

  1. No. 3 (where he landed on his face with his head back) is how you become a quadriplegic. I’m surprised that he didn’t loose the ability to use his arms and legs in that fall.

  2. This reminds me of the many people who don’t think science is real, and facts are really a matter of opinion, or prejudices inflicted on us by dead white Christian males. I like to answer that by suggesting they go to the top of a tall building and step off, to see if gravity is a matter of opinion. Unfortunately, they don’t take that suggestion.

  3. The numer of bike helmets that went flying reminds me of an old joke: a group of druggies are sharing a needle to shoot up; a doctor comes by and remonstrates them for their dangerous behavior saying “Haven’t you heard about AIDS?” They reply, “it’s ok Doc we’re wearing condoms.”

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