The religion of rape

I have watching the news avoid covering Democrat sex scandals.  Others have been wringing their hands trying to excuse Senator Al Franken’s propensity for playing grab-ass because he supports women or works for “the common good.”

What is never addressed is why so many of the men who are getting busted as serial rapists and sexual predators are liberal Democrats.

It is true that there are Republicans who have assaulted women.  I would also agree that power corrupts, and be it political power or industry power (or in the case of men like Harvey Weinstein, who wield both) that power can lead men to believe they can take what they want.

But why does it feel disproportionately that Liberals play grab ass.  My theory is that this is the natural outcome of Liberal Indulgence.

I have posted about the religion of goverment a few times in the past.  For many on the Left, they treat politics as faith, worshiped Obama’s cult of personality (like SNL serenading his leaving the White House with To Sir With Love  or pining for his return), and believe in privilege as some sort of Original Sin.

Well, in 1517, Martin Luther pinned a Tweet (he wrote it with a quill) to the door of a church calling bullshit on several things including the idea of selling Indulgences.  Indulgences were a get out of purgatory card.  They allowed the rich to sin their hearts out, then buy enough indulgences to not have to spend time in the afterlife paying for it.

Five centuries later, the Church of Omniscient Bureaucrat has gone over the top with indulgences.

Al Gore can use 20 times the energy as a regular person and Leonardo Dicaprio can spend all summer on a mega yacht while telling you to cut back on your carbon footprint, because they purchased Indulgences.  They buy carbon offsets.  “Private jet” Leo has the balls to call himself carbon neutral for all the Indulgences he’s purchased.

But why should the climate hypocrites have all the fun?

Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, and John Conyers have proven that they don’t.

Harvey Weinstein supported Hillary Clinton and promised $100,000 to Planned Parenthood.

Al Franken supports the public funding of Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights.

John Conyers has “impeccable integrity” on supporting women’s issues.

Every vote to support Planned Parenthood with federal dollars.  Every support of women in affirmative action hiring.  Every time they said “it’s time for a woman president” they were buying an Indulgence.

Every time they played grab-ass, groped a titty, or raped a woman in a hotel room, they cashed in an Indulgence.

They could treat individual women like sex objects, abusing them and taking advantage of them, because they supported women’s rights in general.

It is why their apologies are so half-assed, and they go to some spa for sex rehab.  They honestly don’t feel they’ve done anything wrong.  They supported women’s rights.  They supported Hillary Clinton.  They supported Planned Parenthood.  They EARNED the right to grab some titty.

For them it’s not hypocrisy, it’s the faithful practicing of their religion.  There is no need to actually be good people when they are good Liberals.


7 Replies to “The religion of rape”

  1. Wow. I am in awe. You have nailed it.
    I wanted to say it was a powerful analogy but you are right-it’s not an analogy, it is not “like” a religion, it IS a religion .

    If you are a good enough public Leftist. Your individual private sins are immediately forgiven and even accepted, even if they specifically antagonize your public positions.

    We could call it The Church Of Left-wing Hypocrisy.

    1. And that is why it is not Bad When They Do It. Rape fantasies about Sara Palin Not bad when they do it. Racist comments about Condi Rice Not bad when they do it.

  2. And just think: All those Liberal-State worshipers who buy Indulgences because they cannot control themselves, honestly believe themselves better, and worthy of controlling you.

    They HATE the idea of armed citizens. Of independent people who cannot be controlled and don’t need Liberals’ permissions or directions. Of people who will not be forced, and must be reasoned with.

    Of women who can say “No!” and make it stick.

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