Playing Stupid Games: Photo Evidence.


ARLINGTON, Tex. (WFLA) — A robbery suspect was shot by a police officer at a Texas mall this weekend after police say he pointed a fake gun at them.

Officers with the Arlington Police Department responded to the Parks Mall on Sunday for a reported shoplifting.

Responding officers found the suspect and started to chase him.

At one point, the suspect got on an escalator and pulled what looked like a weapon from his waistband. Photos show him holding it toward an officer, who then opened fire and shot the suspect.

Robbery suspect shot by police at mall after pointing fake gun at officer.

Right about now the suspect is complaining about his rights being violated or some other happy horsehit like that, rather than the fact that he is alive by the grace of God.

5 Replies to “Playing Stupid Games: Photo Evidence.”

  1. I am disappointed in this cop. He’s from Texas but shoots like he’s with the NYPD. I figure a Texan would be able to put ’em all in the ‘A’ zone.

  2. The article says “imitation replica firearm” [sic]. Imitation, I suppose in the sense that it’s not a “fire” arm. But I wonder why the media, and for that matter the political type spokesmen the police use, don’t make it clear that a BB gun IS a weapon that can cause serious injury or even death. Most of the time these things are portrayed as if they are no more harmful than water pistols, which is clearly not true.
    Quite apart from that, if you threaten people with a gun-shaped object you should expect to get shot. If you survive, you were lucky. If you don’t, think of it as evolution in action.

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