Wives tales?

I have no idea if it is true, but it is a long-held view among smokers that about the only benefit you get from the nicotine sticks is that you don’t get as many colds or even suffer the flu.

I have no idea if it holds water, but I have been feeling funky in the last couple of days. I checked for Flu symptoms and I have the following

    • Pain and tiredness around your eyes, watery eyes. ☑ Check!
    • Weakness or extreme fatigue.☑ Check!
    • Runny nose.☑ Check!
    • Feeling like a 10 pond bag of manure sent through the wood chipper.☑ Check!

I don’t think you guys want to be near me just now. I can’t come up with two thoughtful sentences to make a post so…

Go away.

3 Replies to “Wives tales?”

  1. Miguel,
    Whatever you do, do not start smoking again. The “fewer colds” thing is a myth.
    Now, it is possible that you have contracted the flu. It is no laughing matter. Rest in bed, aspirin or Tylenol, plenty of fluids (clear is best).
    So, question: did you have your flu shot this year? If not, it’s too late now. If you get better in a few days, then: wait a week, then get your flu shot. It takes about two weeks to become fully effective. And, don’t listen to know-it-all non-doctors: you CANNOT catch the flu from the flu shot! Anybody who says they got the flu a couple of days after the shot? Well, that is just bad luck. Remember: it takes 2 weeks to become effective in preventing the flu.

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