“Democracy Dies In Darkness” available in Amazon Prime.

You remember after the elections when the WaPo introduced his new slogan.


What we did not know is that it came out of the mind of the chairman of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

And when even the WaPo employees think it is funny, more like a reference to Batman…

Oh, and they pretty much admit that their coverage of Trump is to increase traffic and income while ignoring other important news items.  All that altruistic stance is just plain rubbish.

This is gonna get good, WaPo is not gonna the it n the chin just because and they were already trying to counter Project Veritas, but a counter ambush was done and you can’t see the journo did not like it.

This is gonna be fun to watch.

PS: The WaPo slogan is indeed available in Amazon printed on t-shirts. Prime members get free shipping

Update: Sorry, I had to do it.

One Reply to ““Democracy Dies In Darkness” available in Amazon Prime.”

  1. The nice thing about that slogan is that you can read it as a statement of their goals, which seems like the most accurate interpretation.

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