The advantages of a Sex Robot (Part 2)

Apparently I failed to mention an obvious advantage. I got this response from an anonymous source via email:

“My wife is very pregnant, so I have been doing without for many months now and at least another two to go.
Right now a Roomba with a wig on looks like a sexy bitch to me.”

Not adding anything else to it.

4 Replies to “The advantages of a Sex Robot (Part 2)”

  1. Who’s her doctor? When my wife was expecting, the doc said it was ok, just no rough stuff. We indulged almost to the end. It was great! No need to worry about getting pregnant — a big plus!

  2. When kid #1 was on the way I thanked god for pornhub, the wife was not having it. Kid #2 she was a lot more fun while expecting so no need for all that. Pregnancy does strange things to a woman.

  3. I do not understand the recent moral panic about “sex robots” that has overcome so much of the right-wing commentariat. Instapundit seems to have 2-3 stories about it every week, Ben Shapiro and Stephen Crowder both bring it up daily on Facebook, it’s everywhere on Twitter, even Prager U and National Review seem to talk about it at least monthly.

    People masturbate, folks. This is not a new development.

    How about we stick to our supposed principles of personal liberty and personal responsibility. Your neighbor having a wank is no business of yours, even if he uses some fancy masturbatory aid instead of good old fashioned manual labor.

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