The Senate and Fascism

Joy Reid tried to sound deep on Twitter on the subject of fascists.  Unfortunately, her “deep” sounds more like a fortune cookie platitude.

No, fascism counts on people who stand in the way of fascism getting their heads knocked in by fascist thugs.  The Germans and Italians who weren’t supporters of Hitler and Mussolini lived in fear of being killed, not the fear they they were thought of as being hysterical.

The amazing thing was this Tweet came a couple hours after Tweeting this.

That Tweet was a response to MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin’s Tweet.

So in the matter of a couple of hours we have two MSNBC big-wigs calling the biggest threat to democracy our bicameral legislature.

Keep in mind that America is a Republic, with a bicameral legislature, specifically to prevent the tyranny of majority rule.

Both Hitler and Mussolini were elected by the majority of their respective nations  with the deliberate intent that they oppress unflavored minorities in their own country.  Hitler blamed the Jews, Communists, and others for Germany’s failures.  Mussolini was more like Stalin, demanding ideological purity and blaming non-Fascists for Italy’s problems.

It is been plainly evident over the last year just what the Left thinks about Middle America and Red States.

This attempt to make the Senate seem like a threat to America is an attack on the last bit of government representation Middle America will have.

When 70% of American’s live in cities, the urban population of America will control the House of Representatives, and by electoral college numbers, be able to elect the POTUS.  Only the Senate, and its equal representation of the states stands to protect the interest of rural America.

The urban Liberal elite can’t stand the idea of rural, Red America having anyone look out for their interests.  Undermine the Senate and they have the capacity for majority rules oppression of one-third of America.

They are the Fascists.  They scapegoat rural and Middle America for their problems, work to deny them their civil protections, and then when they have control of the government, presumably will exact their retribution.


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  1. “with the deliberate intent that they oppress unflavored minorities in their own country.” Should they have used 11 herbs and spices first?

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