Valerian Movie Review

One other thing I saw during my Thanksgiving convalescence was Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

It is the latest Sci-Fi movie by Luc Besson.  Besson is best known for The Fifth Element, which is one of the most perfect Sci-Fi movies every made.  The plot is good, the effects are great, and it has the perfect blend of action, comedy, camp, and enjoyability with none of the technology being a deus ex machina.

He also did Leon: The Professional, which is also a damn good movie.

Valerian was enjoyable.  Not quite as good as The Fifth Element, and is based on a French comic book.  The plot is decent, the acting by the main characters is meh, but Besson reminds you that he has the best, most creative costume, makeup, and effects people in the industry.   The movie is visually stunning.

The opening really well done.

Later in the movie, we are introduced to an alien played by Rihanna.  I can’t say I am a fan of her music, but she is a talented dancer.  Besson does a great job of showcasing a performer’s talent, not unlike the diva scene in The Fifth Element.

I know I have been told that I have terrible tastes in movies (I hated The Godfather trilogy and I don’t get why Casablanca is such a big deal), but if you have 2 hours and $6 to kill, this is a movie worth watching.

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  1. The reason The Godfather and Casablanca are such big deals is they were pioneering films that broke new ground in how a film told a story.

    Ground that had been beaten into hard stone by the time we got to watch them.

    Because we’d been weaned on the films that followed on the way they’d paved, we react to them with “meh” rather than “WOW!”

    There’s just no way for us to capture that sense of new that earned those films their reputations. But it’s really the novelty that’s being celebrated.

    1. Good point. I feel that way even now when I try to get the kids to watch something like a Bruce Lee movie, or The Matrix. Both revolutionary in their day, and an inspiration for how future movies were made. But over saturated now.

  2. I love Luc Besson’s movies and I’ll be watching VALERIAN soon. Agree with you on THE PROFESSIONAL and THE FIFTH ELEMENT. But…

    You can hate on GODFATHER III all you want ’cause it’s pretty bad; but parts I and II? C’mon! Certifiable masterpieces and works of art. Bloody, yes, but art nonetheless.

    As for CASABLANCA if you don’t get it no one will ever make you understand.

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