What are your chances to get away with murder in Chicago?

Apparently very good: 87.6% chance you won’t be charged with a homicide. 

The source is the much hated website HeyJackass.com which carries all other kinds of crime stats for the Windy City. They do an amazing job.

Cops have to be overwhelmed after years of being bashed, people refusing to cooperate and politicians shitting on them every time there is a whiff of re-election in the calendar.  So I am not surprised that they apply F.I.D.O. * and go about their business.

Elections have consequences.

(* Fuck It, Drive On)

Hat Tip Rob R.

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  1. I’ve been following heyjackass for several years now. Real, actual data collection and reporting. They were even used as a source in the Chicago Magazine pieces on how the Mayor’s Office was playing with the compstat numbers to make it appear as crime (including homicide) was down. Really great work that is routinely ignored by the media. If you want to check out the Chicago Magazine articles, which I highly suggest you do, Google: The Truth About Chicago’s Crime Rates. There are three articles about the political corruption behind the lack of effective policing.

  2. I think this says more about the Chicago PD’s inability to actually solve crimes now that they can’t simply beat a confession out some random slob on the street. The national average for homicide clearance is around 60-65% and Boston and LA both have 60% average clearance rates. I didn’t find NYPD numbers but I think their last reported clearance rate was at least 50%. Since NY, Boston and LA have long histories of Democratic mayors and corrupt police, it appears to be a Chicago problem

  3. I expect the chances of me getting way with murder in Chicago aren’t as good as the stats might suggest. The Chicago PD is more likely to take notice of an out of towner kicking up trouble than they are the local drug dealers settling accounts among themselves.

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