Criminal Report Affidavit about the Tampa Serial Killer arrest

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But never forget, police officer and even detectives are not the gun experts other wants us to believe they are. This is how the rumor mill gets started:

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And yes, there is still old questions left and a couple of new ones. We are gonna have to wait. At least it is not Las Vegas PD doing the investigation.

Hat Tip Jeff A.

9 Replies to “Criminal Report Affidavit about the Tampa Serial Killer arrest”

      1. Yes. As a gun owner, not having the CWP is a disadvantage in Florida and not just for buying guns but what some untrained cops may interpret as carrying a gun without a permit like transport from and to a place.
        In case of State Emergency, we have a law that allows you to carry without a permit up to 24 hours after the declaration of emergency is off…. but why risk it? You do not know how long will you have to carry.

        1. …and Miguel, the state also has a statue which allows for ‘open carry of a firearm when hunting, fishing, hiking, sport shooting, shooting practice, and any recreation within a lake area….for personal protection from animal predators. This statue also includes the traveling to and from such events…which could be handled differently by law enforcement personnel per their education on the legal provision. FL Statue 790.25 (3) – 790.053

          1. They can still charge you, even if gets dropped after. Unless you are too obviously into the fishing/hunting/sport, they can make the case you are just trying to get yourself out of a weapons charge.
            So the question si: Do you have a lawyer in retainer and enough saved funds to pay him for your release and for your bail?
            Spend the $97 for the permit, it comes under $10 a year and saves you a shitload of money on lawyers.
            Don’t trust me, check with Jon Gutmacher.

  1. Only way I could break it down- Sig Saur does make .40cal ammo,which used to be known as .40 S&W, (Slow and Weak,heh heh) back when it first came out, but it is written real strange for an official report.. time will tell.

  2. It’s a typo. The gun was loaded with .40 Smith & Wesson caliber ammunition made by SIG. It shouldn’t screw up any warrants or any prosecution. It happens all the time.

    1. I couldn’t see anything wrong with the statement. I have a Springfield Armory .40 caliber pistol, not Glock, the ammunition isn’t SIG’s brand, but every round says “S&W” on it. It’s poorly worded but understandable (newsflash, most police reports I’ve seen are poorly worded; most cops aren’t writers),

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