The absence of leadership

I think we are living in an Aaron Sorkin screenplay.  He wrote a movie called The American President which was sort of a prequel for The West Wing.

There is a scene towards the end of The American President in which the president chastises the American people about not knowing what leadership is right.

The reason this movie and The West Wing are so beloved is that only in fantasy land does a Left Wing president so so much charisma and is so effective at running the country.

The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, apologized for how Canadian gays were treated.

Liberal Americans went nuts.

Aaron Sorkin was supposed to me criticizing conservatives in his movie, but like I’ve said before progressives can’t actually criticize progressives correctly in the media.

It is the progressives who are drinking the virtue signaling sand thinking it’s leadership.

Keep in mind Trudeau responded to Trumps Muslim Ban by importing Muslim refugees who are not integrating into Canadian society.

Trudeau can apologize all he wants  on behalf of the Canadian government, but when gay Canadians start getting tossed off the CN Tower, I wonder how hollow his words will ring then.

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