What the hell is up with progressives like DeRay McKesson?

Give them the opportunity to side with a mass murdering dictator and commit treason against the US and they will jump at it like a drowning person grabs at a lifesaver.

I cannot fathom the depth of the cesspool that is their souls.

4 Replies to “Turnvest”

    1. North Koreans wish they were healthy enough to froth…

      With their military apparently being malnourished and parasite-ridden, and so desperate for food they put out to sea in tiny boats with no navigation — their corpses are washing up on Japan’s shore — the people are in even worse shape.

    1. I doubt he’d trouble his empty little head with that- life is too good for him here.
      But this lot never considers that while it would be easy for him to leave the US to go to a commie hellhole, the inverse involves getting shot at.

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