Wise in Alabama

The “anti-racism” activist Tim Wise went to Twitter to voice his opinion on the Alabama Senate race.


What a stupid, god-damned, fuck – shit he is.

What the fuck does he think white people do in Alabama?  Drink moonshine and spray black people with firehoses? Is his knowledge of the Alabama economy any more current than 1865?

From where I am sitting in Alabama, I am within a 20 minute drive of Toyota Motor Manufacturing where most of Toyota’s truck and SUV engines are made, Polaris Industries, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Remington, Carpenter Technology powder metallurgy products, Raytheon, Cummings Aerospace, KBR, Bodycote, Nucor Steel, and of course NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and US Army Redstone Arsenal.

If it goes into space, some part of it came out if came out of northern Alabama.  If it’s s Toyota and not a hybrid, some part of it came out of northern Alabama.   If it flies in defense of our nation, some part of it came out of northern Alabama. If it says Marlin, Bushmaster, DPMS, or Remington other than the Model 700 or Shotgun, it came out of northern Alabama.

Is this guy seriously suggesting that all of that be destroyed over a Senate election?

Can all of that be destroyed by one sniveling, self-hating, SJW dipshit organizing a boycott on Twitter?

I get that Roy Moore sucks.  Ignoring the allegations of sexual misconduct, he’s the type of grandstanding anti establishment figure that gives anti establishment types a bad name. 

Doug Jones is a cookie cutter Democrat who could be from California or New England as easily as Alabama.  

It’s a shitty choice.

Wise wants to destroy the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people, cripple this nation’s aerospace industry, and hold back defense and space exploration over it.

Fuck that guy. 

7 Replies to “Wise in Alabama”

  1. Since Roy Moore has publically promised to sue all who have accused him of sexual crimes, the press and media has stopped attacking him and his accusers have completely shut down their efforts. If you look at the history of this man, and how many elections he’s been victorious in over the past decades, it doesn’t make any sense at all that the latest attacks could be valid. The democrat leftist uses this strategy to throw elections and ruin conservative candidates ‘they can’t defeat nor compete against in a far election’. I submit to you that Moore never did any of what his opposition accused him of. How in hell can anyone believe a democrat liberal….and assume they are on the morally high road??

    1. Now they’re registering felons to vote in the election. I have no idea if it’s legal in Alabama, and I suspect the people doing it don’t care.

    2. One angle I find very significant is the timing of the attacks. They were carefully calibrated to start *after* the deadline for withdrawing from the ballot. So if Moore had folded, by law the only option was to have his name still be on the ballot and his replacement to be a write-in. It seems that was the intent, because that scenario would pretty much guarantee a Dem. win. As it is, Moore didn’t fold and the dems don’t seem to be succeeding with their schemes.
      The other significant component, of course, is the fact that Gloria “National Enquirer” Allred is driving.

  2. But, he isn’t being accused of racism but sexual harassment and assault. What does that have to do with “White Alabama” and black businesses.
    Don’t you mean “Male Alabama” and female businesses.
    Or maybe you’re just an idiot.


  3. I am dubious of any guilt for Moore. Where is Due Process?
    Innocent until proven guilty and all that.

    While we do know that Jones is all for “murder by abortion” (a new human life begins at conception, a scientific fact) so he is 1000 times worse. Liberals are pure evil.

  4. Last I checked, Alabama had an African-American population north of 30%… How many of them depend on Toyota, Lockheed, et al. to put food on the table? “Destroying white Alabama” isn’t going to be as clean and tidy as this Marxist idiot thinks.

    Hell, how many of them are likely going to vote for Moore? Contrary to this racist idiot’s fever-dreams, African-Americans are not a hivemind. They have agency.

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