Road Rage = Playing Stupid games


“The driver of the tractor trailer did exit the vehicle and walk toward a black Nissan. The driver of the Nissan got out,” said Miami-Dade police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta. “There was a physical confrontation between both of them. We’re being told the driver of the tractor trailer was armed with a knife during the confrontation and that’s when the driver of Nissan produced a firearm and shot the victim in this case.”

Source: Road Rage Leads To Deadly Shooting On Palmetto Expressway « CBS Miami

Obviously this just happened and more info will come, but knowing how stingy with info MDPD can be, I think they pretty much have decided that this is a case of Self-Defense. So, short of the shooter being a prohibited person or other details we do not know, this seems to be a straight-forward but sad defensive event.

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  1. Perhaps, but if the Nissan driver was an instigator of the conflict, that could obviate the lawful use of self defense. As you say, need more info.

    1. It could be, but bar any weird thing, you cannot resolve a disagreement by getting off your truck, advance to the other vehicle while holing a deadly weapon. Even if the guy cussed up and down your mama

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