I got redistricted, **** me!

I have no idea when it happened, but as I was filling the NRA form to support certain incoming legislation, the automated thing told me I was not on my old District 25 but now I am a part of District 24. No way! It has to be wrong.

I checked and it was true. Sometime when I was not looking, I got redistricted and I am not happy about it.

Guess which clown performs in the 24th District:

I guess I am screwed till she gets arrested for some monetary crime like her college Corrine Brown.

Then again I know I won’t have to bother writing her for shit. If it is not within Liberal frame of mind, she does not give a shit.

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    1. You know my public position position on Trayvon Martin? That is the rest of the district.
      I know people run for offices they can’t win to collect the cash. I need the money for sure, but I suffer from an acute case of honesty.

      1. That might work. And modest effort might make a bigger impression than you think. Neil Smith likes to talk about how well he did against an incumbent years ago, in Colorado. I once ran for state rep on the L ticket and got 11%, with a total investment of about 8 hours and zero dollars.
        And when your opponent is the representative from Toys R Us, it seems that it should be pretty entertaining.

  1. I feel for you. But it could be worse, you could be in Shelia Jackson-Lee’s district. I’m NOT! Thankfully, I’m about 30 miles outside her 18th district nightmare and I’ll never move back into it.

  2. If she ever holds any public Q & A’s, you should show up just to make fun of her hats… in Spanish of course… the insults sound better and more passionate that way. 😉

  3. I feel your pain. When I lived in Illinois I got redistricted, and my Honorable Representative changed from Henry Hyde to Jan Schakowsky. But unlike your new Honorable Representative, she never wore a New Year’s Eve cowboy hat.

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