Kids nowadays need to learn some history.

I reckon you heard about this thing published in The University Star, the publication of Texas State University:

“Ontologically speaking, white death will mean liberation for all,”  is one of the juicy tidbits you can find in the “piece.” This is the author, Mr. Rudy Martinez.

I have bad news for Mr Martinez: He’s got plenty White DNA in his genetic structure. Not 100% probably, but plenty to safely place him in the Whites Only Wagon Heading East.

Martinez more than likely ignores a legal precedent in history called the 1935 Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor, also known as the Nuremberg Laws. It was used by Nazi Germany as to determine who was a Jew and thus remove the threat from the well-being of the Reich. By 1942 at the Wansse Conference, the guidelines to determine who was a Jew were augmented and the plans for the Final Solution were established.

So yes, Mr Martinez may wish for the elimination of all Whites, but he sure as shit is coming along for the ride.

Here are some scenes from the movie Conspiracy which I have selected as the top horror movie ever even if it has no at single drop of blood spilled nor chainsaws or other common movie killing instruments. It is the Wansse Conference and if it does not scare you to shit, I don’t know what can do it.

PS: If you have Amazon Prime, the movie is available.

5 Replies to “Kids nowadays need to learn some history.”

    1. You’re a horrible garbage unperson, because your race and gender make you so.

      And, no, they wouldn’t understand why they should be wearing red armbands, or white hoods.

  1. Unfortunately for this neo-nazi, his intended victims are likely to be armed. That’s what distinguishes them from the victims of earlier totalitarians.

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