The Honorable Guest Poster: David Cole.

OK, this is getting out of hand. Before anyone gets spun up about this legislation being some sort of stealth gun control, you need to be aware of who is selling you this.

Congressman Massie has NEVER supported HR 38 since its introduction. He has NEVER signed on as a co-sponsor to the bill, long before “Fix NICS” had anything to do with it. I know this because I am a constituent of Massie’s, and when I discovered that he was not a co-sponsor of HR 38, I called his office to ask why.

I was informed by his staff that the Congressman did in fact NOT support HR 38 for various reasons (none of them having anything to do with Fix NICS), and that he would NOT be co-sponsoring the bill.

Fast forward to last week, when HR 38 finally made it out of committee, and now the ostensibly pro-2A Massie has to face the possibility that he will have go on record as voting “no” on national concealed carry reciprocity. And all of a sudden today, he alerts frightened gun owners of the boogeyman of Fix NICS coming to get them.

Consider that if public sentiment were to suddenly swing against HR 38 because of the appearance of this boogeyman…pro- 2A Congressman Massie no longer is facing scrutiny for voting against reciprocity. Instead, he is hailed as a modern day Paul Revere, warning us all of the redcoats’ approach, and voting “no” on national reciprocity only to save us from the loss of our rights.

Do yourself a favor, and read the bill for yourself. It’s only 28 pages. Don’t simply regurgitate and re-post the opinion of a politician trying to mask his true position.

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