Recommendation for Liberals

Metro UK showed three three toppers for ‘Resistmas’ this year.

One is an angelic Hillary Clinton.

This is unhealthy.  Cult leaders don’t ask to be made into tree toppers.

Here is my recommendation for Liberals who are tempted to buy this.  And I mean this with the greatest degree of sincerity.

Go find a church.  Sit down with the priest or pastor.  Have a long, heartfelt meaningful talk with them about why you want to buy a Hillary Clinton angel for your Resistmas tree.

Then accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your own personal savior.

Trust me, he is a far better role model than Hillary Clinton.

Christ performed actual miracles.  He healed the lame and the sick and multiplied the fish and loaves of bread to feed the hungry.

All Hillary ever did for the sick and poor was launder the money she got through her Foundation into her own bank account.  The only miracle Clinton ever performed was not get indicted for anything.

Find the reason for the season, and trust me, Hillary ain’t it.

6 Replies to “Recommendation for Liberals”

  1. Dude, I totally want that tree topper. I also wanted an autographed copy of her book, but she didn’t come through my town on the signing tour.

  2. When I was a kid I liked to strap sparklers to plastic figurenes and watch them melt, this is the first time in twenty years I had the urge to do so again.

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