L’Shana Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim

“Next year in Jerusalem,” that is what the title translates to.  It is a refrain said in prayer during the Passover Seder by diaspora Jews for neigh on one-thousand years.

Of Course Jerusalem Is Israel’s Capital, it has been the center of Judaism for 3,000 years, going back to the Kingdom of Israel under David and Solomon.

The Western Wall is NOT the holiest site in the city, it is the holiest site that Jews are allowed to go.  The Muslims built the Al-Aqsa Mosque on top of Temple and won’t allow non-Muslims inside.  If you were to cut through the floor of the Mosque, you’d end up in the same place where the Ark of the Covenant once sat.

Today, President Trump officially recognized what Judaism has been proclaiming for three millennia, Jerusalem is our capital.

The Left freaked the fuck out.

I would really like to know what Dianne Feinstein says at Seder?  “Next year in wherever the Jew hating UN decides?”

She is a God damned Leftist and so hating Trump and sucking up to Islam is more important than her own Jewishness. Fuck her sideways.

Jew hater and Trump hater be mad.

Jerusalem is Islam’s third holiest site.  Guess what, it’s our FIRST AND ONLY holy site.

But let me be more clear, I.  Don’t. Give.  A.  Fuck.  About.  What.  The.  Muslims.  Think.

Nothing makes them happy but fucking goats and murdering people.  That a bunch of savages who hate Jews and worship an unholy religion that makes hating God’s chosen people a core tenant of their faith (this is prime evidence that Islam is the religion of the devil) will be offended by this is not justification for ignoring all of Jewish history.

Maybe what they need is for some great army to occupy Mecca and Medina for a while, so they get how that would feel.  I’d suggest a crusade, except the fucking pro-commie, Social Justice Pope has a problem with this act by Trump.  He prefers the status quo where the holiest site in Judaism, a place where Jesus himself prayed, is occupied by people barbarians who murder Jews and Christians.  Maybe the Saint  Malachy Prophecy is right and Pope Francis will be the last Pope, not because the world will end but because the Pontiff will destroy Catholicism for the sake of Social Justice.

Chris Matthews went full retard.

Well this Jew in Alabama loves this decision.  This decision will really take away hope for a two state solution?  Really?  Are you fucking kidding me?

Maybe the Palestinians should start with the Palestinian Authority which embezzles all the fortified aid it gets.  Maybe the problem is the Martyr’s Fund which the PA uses to pay people to be terrorists.   Maybe it is the fact that the only two subjects that the PA teaches in school is the Koran and Jew Hatred.

They don’t deserve a state if the goverment they have can’t build a fucking road, let alone a hospital, power plant, schools, or any of the other basic infrastructure that it takes to be a functioning nation.

Chris Matthews managed to show abject Jew hatred, hatred for Christians, hatred for the South, and progressive Islamic ass-kissing, all in the same 2 minute diatribe.

If your first thought on this is “fuck Jewish history, it’s the feels of the Palestinians” you are an awful fucking piece of wretched human garbage, just like most progressives.

7 Replies to “L’Shana Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim”

  1. Didn’t Senator Feinstein vote to move the Embassy to Jerusalem a few short months ago?

    Yes. She did vote to move the embassy. June 5, 2017. 90-0 in the USSenate.



    Didn’t she sponsor the original bill back in the 1990’s? Yes she did.

    Two faced lying hack Democrat in action.

    1. “Didn’t Senator Feinstein vote to move the Embassy to Jerusalem a few short months ago?”

      Typical Dem and RINO behavior. when it doesn’t look like it will happen they will vote for something they don’t really believe in to look good to the folks back home. When it matters they’re totally opposed; then they wonder why us peons refer to them as swamp denizens.

  2. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It’s where David sat.
    Why the tortured insistence that somehow Israel is not allowed to have its oldest greatest and most significant city as its capital?
    Leftists Seek only to attack truth.
    I am glad the US has made the courageous choice to acknowledge historic reality and stand with Israel.

  3. I cant figure out why the dumbacrats always want to shit on the ONLY country in the middle east who is on our side….REAL Americans are getting tired of washington dc sucking up to muslims…

  4. “The Left freaked the fuck out.”

    Wow, how unusual for them to go batshit crazy and throw tantrums like spoiled ubber-brats when they don’t get their way. /sarc


  5. Palestinian politicians such as Expired President M. Abbas claim Jerusalem as their capital. Not East Jerusalem, the way it is usually reported in the press. Jerusalem. (Then again, they also want all of Israel.)
    This is a great action. It’s pretty much the first time in 50 years that the Palestinians have heard “NO” from any country other than Israel. They are so baffled by this event that they react the only way they know: by throwing a temper tantrum.
    This action also helps separate the real Jews from the JINOs, such as the ones shown on Boston TV news last night, protesting at the IAPAC office with signs saying “No occupation”. They all looked like college kids, so I suppose their utter idiocy is to be expected.

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