Pants sh*ting hysterics

The US House of Representatives has passed a national concealed carry reciprocity bill.  I’m not going to comment on the content of the bill because they always change, and it will before it makes it through the senate, if it does.

*On a side note, thank you to the ladies who came out against John Conyers and Al Franken.  The GOP would be smart to jam this through the Senate after they step down before their respective states appoint new Senators.

In the wake of the passage of this bill, the left shit its collective pants.

Democrat Joe Crowley, who hates gun owners and anybody from outside NYC, said this.

It’s not in the bible, dipshit.  It is in the Constitution of the United States.  See both the Second Amendment “right to keep and bear arms” and Article IV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, “Full Faith and Credit.”  Of course this turd doesn’t respect the Constitution.

In his rant he goes off against the Las Vegas shooting.  Did I miss where Stephen Paddock had a CCW from outside Nevada from a state Nevada didn’t recognize for reciprocity already.  No, he did fucking not.  Why worry about the facts when there is indignation and pants shitting hysterics on your side.

Well, fuck-face, I guess we know where you stand on Dred Scott.  The Supremacy Clause of the constitution says that Constitutional rights supersede states rights.  States don’t have the ability to nullify the Second Amendment anymore than the 13th or 14th.  Sorry that we had to take away your slaves like this.

Oh look, here’s another fucking tyrant who’s mad about concealed carry being forces upon his territory.  The problem with NYC isn’t some guy like me from Alabama carrying in his city.  The problem is progressive fuck-wits like Mayor de Blasio’s progressive policies causing crime waves because locking up criminals hurts their feelings.

What about people with CCW permits and no convictions.  My record is clean, can I come to NYC with my Alabama permit?  No, why bother asking.

This is the guy who didn’t want conservatives in his state.  He has no interest in allowing his peons to have guns.

Not funny comedian Michael Ian Black went with the tried and true.

Not sure when the NRA said it was OK to shoot unarmed non-combatants but it wasn’t in any CCW course I ever took.  But Black wouldn’t know that because self righteous ignorance is all he has.

Still trying to figure out what CCW has to do with the Vegas Shooting besides the anger of stupid people.

Watching this bill move forward is going to be fun to watch.  The pants shitting has just begun.  The closer this gets to passing the more we are going to hear just how terrible gun owners and the NRA are.  How blood will run in the streets.  History has shown is that is a crock of shit, every expansion of concealed carry has never caused this.

I wouldn’t be supersized if soon the Left literally digs up the body of Trayvon Martin and parades him around DC like the corpse Lenin.

I can’t wait for more Tinsel Town rapists and Progressive politicians from crime-ridden, violent, urban shit-holes to tell me that I am not good enough to be allowed to carry a gun in their precious Liberal utopias.


P.S.  If you fee the need to pick up something to celebrate the passage of national CCW reciprocity, if it happens, I just got one of these and it is AWESOME.

8 Replies to “Pants sh*ting hysterics”

  1. “In the wake of the passage of this bill, the left shit its collective pants.”


    “The Left freaked the fuck out.” (from a previous post)

    Hmm… I’m detecting a pattern here…


  2. Watching this bill move forward is going to be fun to watch. You and I have different definitions of the word “fun”. To me, fun would be the Senate passing it overwhelmingly, like 90 to 10 or better. Watching these dipshits display their ignorance isn’t fun. When you know they’d personally like to see you dead and think that they’re only trying to maintain the ability to do that, it doesn’t sound like fun. We’re talking about life and liberty here.

    In a way, I want the dipshits to talk honestly so that I know which states to boycott. The problem is, as has happened before, when someone who isn’t intending to go to one of those places that isn’t America (New York, New Jersey, California…) and their flight gets diverted there anyway, where their completely legally packaged and TSA-approved firearm gets them threatened with a felony and years of imprisonment. Or when some state like Maryland’s highway patrol sees a Florida tag and pulls the driver over to search for a gun.

    So we have two senators: Bill Nelson (reliably Evil Party) and Marco Rubio (generally Stupid party, but sometimes RINO). Are you going to call or write? I’ve contacted Nelson before and basically been told to pound sand – long after the bill died.

    1. I enjoy watching them rip the mask off and showing the world what they actually are underneath.

      The ONLY response to Hollywood celeb at this point on the issue of CCW reciprocity is “it’s obvious the only reason you don’t support CCW is that you want to avoid getting shot next time you rape some aspiring starlet.”

  3. Might almost be worth joining Twitter to call out the BS by these and other hoplophobic asshats. The blithering blonde airhead from leftist Cambridge, MA that said a gun license was the equivalent to a “car” license comes to mind

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