The Death of Sweden.

Here is the article in the original Swedish. It seems that the immigrants have not assimilated to the very orderly Swedish culture and they are having cultural events like the ones they had back at home, namely warfare among the factions with guns and grenades….yes, grenades.

How bad is getting? Some authorities are getting desperate since they never faced stuff like this and have to look somewhere else for past solutions.


Ms. Tamm, who will become acting head of the anti-organised crime unit in the New Year, said that she would be looking to war-torn countries like Colombia and El Salvador to find new methods of handling the rampant violence in Sweden’s no-go zones, Sveriges Radio reports.

Source: Swedish Chief Prosecutor: No-Go Zone Rinkeby Is Like a ‘War Zone’

Still, the Swedish central government is not only refusing to release the real stats on crime but getting medieval on those individuals who are calling attention to the matter.

Ideology must survive even at the cost of the lives of the citizens.


7 Replies to “The Death of Sweden.”

    1. I’m not sure about that. It’s pretty clear THIS is what they are after.

      As for “when will it change”, I suppose when enough of the culprits are voted out of office? That assumes of course that the EU will allow it.

  1. You guys are harshing the Bernie Bros Scandinavia fantasy.
    You know, the place where Socialism works, assimilation works, and hot blondes are available for sexy happy times.

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