Thoughts on Moore

Here is my idea on how to compromise on the Roy Moore issue.   I don’t like Moore, beyond the sex stuff.  I don’t want the Republicans to lose the Senate majority either.

I want the GOP to promise that if Roy Moore gets elected, they will force him to step down and not get sworn in.  Then they will find a better Republican for the Senate seat to be appointed by the Governor.  

That way they can still keep a Senate majority but not have that embarrassing mill stone hanging around their necks.

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  1. They can try that, but if Moore won’t cooperate, the only alternative is expulsion, which requires a 2/3 majority. Probably achievable.
    If that is done, will the GOP be more damaged than if it isn’t done? I’m not convinced. Liz Warren will call the Republicans “morally corrupt” no matter what they do, they stand convicted in her mind simply for not being left wing Democrats. The mainstream press will attack republicans merely for ever having had Moore, whether he’s still around or not. Or they’ll attack Trump instead, as Bernie has already started doing.
    In other words, attempting to appease the left is a losing proposition, and an impossible goal.

  2. I don’t believe a word of the accusations leveled against Roy Moore. Unlike Al Franken, and much like Donald Trump, they waited until he was a political threat to the Democrats before filing them? That’s suspect already. Add in the fact that the accuser is *refusing* to allow critical evidence to be examined and we’re just supposed to accept the accuser’s unsubstantiated word? Again, Franken has *photographs* of his recent molestation of the sleeping reporter.

    If anything, the desperation with which the Democrats seek to bury Moore makes me that much more optimistic about him. We can’t, and shouldn’t, seek to appease those who have our worst interests at heart. Quite the opposite.

  3. It occurs to me that it is likely that a significant portion of Judge Moore’s appeal to Alabama voters, is the metaphorical thumb in the eye of coastal bourgeoisie, who would pretend to be Their Betters, and tell “them” (flyover hicks, rednecks, other untermenschen) how to live.

    In that regard, I encourage them.

  4. Gadsden Al is a small town, like every small town, where everybody knows everybody’s business. Moore could not have been elected 12 times if he was a pervert. That this was unknown for 38 years and only came out 3 weeks before an important election is pure politics. Dems. can only get elected by sabotaging opponents before elections.

  5. I expect he will be a blow hard from the right, just as Al Franken was a pompous blowhard from the left. The Senate needs a few of these to stir up the Uniparty Status Quo. I took no pride in Senator Franken representing me.

    I don’t think a John McCain or Jeff Flake wanna be is what Alabama or the US needs.

    If Roy Moore is such an irredeemable pervert, why hasn’t this alleged behavior recurred in the last thirty years?

    You and the other citizens of Alabama will have to decide.

  6. Re “they waited until he was a political threat” — actually, they waited quite a lot longer. And that’s the main reason I’m suspicious. They waited long after he was an obvious threat, long after he was the official candidate. They waited until past the deadline for changing the names on the ballot. I’m quite convinced this was deliberately done.
    By waiting, they ensured that if they had managed to force Moore out, his name would still be on the ballot. So it would be the listed D candidate vs. a confusing mix of the name who is no longer running, and a write-in candidate. That’s a pretty good recipe for winning by splitting the R vote between several names.

  7. Am I missing something? What’s wrong with Moore? Is it that he tried to keep the Ten Commandments in a public building? Is he a genuine Christian? Or is there really something wrong with his judicial decisions, showing a real character flaw?

  8. I decided to look up the details of the often-reported fact that Moore had been removed from office as chief justice of Alabama. You’d think that this involves impeachment or some analogous process, as would be the case for federal judges. But apparently that is not so; based on what I read in Wikipedia he was removed by a committee consisting of assorted legal type people (judges, attorneys, and whatnot) that is not subject to oversight by the people. While impeachment has its problems, the justification for doing things that way is that the process is run by the people’s representatives, whose actions are then subject to judgment by the people directly. No such oversight appears to have existed in the case of the Moore removal.

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