3 Replies to “The Jerusalem as capital being a threat to the Middle “Peace.””

  1. And the gulf between the right and left continues to widen. Or as a commenter on this blog once stated, it’s more good vs. evil at this point. When the left has opted to side with terrorists, it’s pretty obvious who is who.

  2. The folks at work who only watch tv news blurbs were under the impression that the USA has unilaterally decided to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

    I had to set them straight that it was merely about the location of the US embassy, and that that has been a presidential option and prerogative since 1995.

    They all said: “oh, that’s it? What’s wrong with that? What’s the big deal?”

    And I said, “this is why I don’t watch tv news.”

    1. Fake News Media has zero credibility. The mountains of lies and disinformation they spew is horrendous. Anyone who watches CNN, MSNBC, the View, and so on is an overt idiot.

      Their bias and propaganda makes Pravda look straight.

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