Moore, Jones, and Toyota is running this headline “Could Roy Moore cost Alabama the $1.6 billion Toyota-Mazda plant?

The gist is, Roy Moore would be such an embarrassment to Alabama that Toyota would not build it’s new plant in Alabama.

Liberals have jumped on this with the idea that if Moore wins, they should set about boycotting Alabama business and destroy our economy,

This has incensed me to violent madness.


Vote for who we want you to or we’ll make you lose your jobs” is crossing the Rubicon.

Not just are my hackles raised, but I’m getting the itch to raise the Stars and Bars too and go all Chancellorsville on the Bay Area.

I know they already think that we are just a bunch of backwards sister-fucking rednecks, and voting for Doug Jones won’t change that.  So my natural inclination is to vote to Roy Moore just to piss those fuckers off.  I know Moore will vote for national concealed carry reciprocity and I want it to pass just so I can walk down 5th Avenue in New York City like Il Duce, knowing it will make Michael Bloomberg’s and Bill de Blasio’s pathetic little dicks crawl back up inside their own bodies in fear.

I don’t want to let lose fucking carpetbaggers win.  I also don’t want to see Alabama’s economy suffer a $1.6 Billion hit.

What pisses me off even more is that I haven’t seen Doug Jones try and tamp down this kind of talk.

So here is what I want to do.  I want to organize a letter campaign to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

California want to in influence our election by threatening a boycott.

Use the DOJ to defend Alabama.  Go after Hollywood.  Go after the sex offenders, pedophiles, and rapists.  Have the IRS audit Hollywood and go after their notorious “Hollywood Accounting” practices and take from them the back taxes they owe and prosecute the people who have been avoiding paying taxes.  Go after the drug users in Hollywood.  Abuse civil asset forfeiture laws against Hollywood studios.  Pretty much use the full power of the Federal Government to fuck Hollywood Liberals like Harvey Weinstein on a roofied starlet.

If they are going to come after our economy, burn theirs to the ground.

I’ll vote for Doug Jones to save Alabama’s economy.  Then I want the Trump administration to make the Liberals who interfered in our election suffer mightily.


6 Replies to “Moore, Jones, and Toyota”

  1. Wrong answer. Don’t vote for that turd Jones or you will be doing exactly what those dick skinners in San Fran want you to do. Moore is not guilty until proven innocent…. fuck that.

  2. Wrong answer. You vote for Jones you might as well cash in your manhood and donate your guns to the nearest Skinhead. If Moore is guilty of whatever, which is a BIG ig given the news or rather fake news of late, then he can be replaced.

  3. Be sure also to send your check to the Calexit Yes committee.

    I suspect the reason the left is pushing this notion is that it worked in the case of North Carolina (the “bathroom bill” controversy).

  4. Here’s an idea, how ’bout all the so-called “backwards” states stop selling food, water, and fuel to Cali and the other liberal-fascists states?

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