Going about it the wrong way

The latest in Bully Victims.

I guess people are still trying to find the Kumbaya solution for bullying after it became a rally some 18 years ago after Columbine.

There is none.

In fact this video of the kid whining to mommy inside the mini van is almost a guarantee of another beating. The moment and quantity of mommy involvement in the situation will determine how much your value as target increases.  I know, I went through the whole bully shit and Mom complaining to the school with zero positive effect and just an increase of harassment and violence. I ended up lying to my mother and saying that shit was OK so she would stop going to school to complain and guaranteeing another beat down within 48 hours.

One day, sick enough of the crap, I tossed aside the “Violence is not the right answer” and “Don’t fall to his level” crap and decided to go toe to toe with one of my abusers. He was sent home with ice bags around his face after I unloaded years of frustrations on him and he did not get too damaged because I simply did not know how to properly throw a punch… but I did practice on him!.

I was not bullied till the following school year and this guy ended up needing stitches in his scalp. Even though back then a cut that required medical treatment was a big deal, so was the code of silence and the fact that the guy’s rep would be ruined when people find out his head was trying to exit through a school window’s glass thanks to my effort.

The only proven solution to stop your kid from being bullied is having him go after his bullies. II know it is a different era, so I would recommend have a recorded history of the bullying plus the attempts to amicable end the problem.

Then let nature run its course. It is a cold world out there baby and nothing warms you up better like victory over assholes.

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  1. I’m a baby boomer, different era, same assholes. I was the stereotypical fat nerd with glasses, so yeah, I got bullied some. Mostly verbal, which I ignored, but when it became clear it was going to go sideways, I never backed down. Most encounters ended when I took my glasses off, signaling I was was willing to take some lumps in order to give back more than I got. Being heavy my opponents knew I could put some weight behind the punches and decided they had somewhere else they needed to be.

    Bullies are basically cowards, they’ll threaten, bluster and even beat you up; right up until you show you are willing fight back, then it’s “oh sorry can we be friends?” or all least they’ll walk away and leave you alone. Again different era, we settled or differences between ourselves with out getting the adults involved.

    As an aside, I never got the “Violence is never the right answer” lecture. My dad is a combat vet from WWII, and he made sure I understood that although not always the first option one must be ready to meet violence with violence.

  2. Just like carrying a concealed handgun- use all other means of conflict resoulution, when that fails-ba bang. My dad taught me how to box when I was in the fourth grade,end of bullys..

  3. I suffored nonstop bullying in my early childhood, I had an adnormally early growth peroid and until Jr high I was 1-2 ft taller and 20-40lbs heavier then other children in my age group. The teachiers looked at me like I was an ogre and the children noticed and realized that they could bully me then clame I did to them what they did to me.As the obviously weaker ones their story would be accepted as fact they would be scot free and snickering as I would be punished. Parential intervention want taken seriously by the teachers and only intensified what the little shits did. It didnt stop untill fifth grade when I snapped on two of the worst grabbing each bully by an ear and cracking their heads together so hard they couldent stand. The fact i was sobbing harder then the two buffons just lent to the story i was slightly unhenged and allowed me to skate through much of jr. high and highschool unbothered.

  4. In Jr. High i was bullied for a short while. I did like Nuke Road, took off my glasses ready to go, Got my butt kicked, mostly, but after the first beating, they pretty much stopped. I managed to get some licks in on them and I guess beating wasn’t as fun as intimidating when they realized I wasn’t going to take it. By the time high school rolled around I had a growth spurt and was suddenly 6ft, 170lbs of mostly muscle, the bullying stopped.

    I had always preached to my boys to avoid a fight if they can, walk away when you can, but if you can’t to kick the shit out of them with everything you got, then tell me what happened so i can defend you to the max. Only had to do that once when my youngest opened a can of whoopass on not one but two bullies who were harassing him. He recorded the verbal part of it on his phone before it started so when the school tried to suspend for a longer period as an ‘instigator’, we nipped that one in the bud.

  5. This isn’t a problem that can be solved by internet tough guys simply saying “throw some fists”. Yes, there are situations were that applies. This might not be one of them. This kid is being picked on mentally and that can be the worst kind because I guarantee it’s not just in school. Kids nowadays bully via the internet and social media.

    Many parents may not be aware that their precious Sally Sue and their angelic Timmy are actually brutal sadists. In this case, making this video and creating the viral awareness for his situation might have been the best solution.

    That being said, you pour milk on me, and I will slap you so hard your future children will be born with the mark.

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